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Which chorus is for me?

If you are visiting the ACC website because you are planning to join a chorus, welcome! You are off to a good start. Many choruses beginning rehearsals for spring concerts just after the New Year, are looking for singers now.
Each of the ACC 30+ member choruses is different, but to help with decision-making, let us sort them into 3 groups:

COMMUNITY CHORUSES are a good choice for someone who is new to choral singing, and also for experienced singers who enjoy popular music and the large and enthusiastic audiences it attracts.

CONCERT CHORUSES perform mostly music from the classical repertoire, and may perform with an orchestra.

SPECIALTY CHORUSES may focus on a type of singer (all-men, all-women, or children), music of a specific language, culture, or historical period, or a particular style of singing (barbershop harmony, for example). Some incorporate costumes and even dance moves.

The ACC listings provide enough basic information about the type of chorus, and when and where they rehearse and perform, to narrow your choices.

Almost all member choruses have a Web site, where you can find more information about concert schedules and repertoire.
You may also be able to get an idea of other aspects that might be important to you, for example: Does the group have organized social events, or go on tours? What role do the singers have in running the organization?

Think about what you want to accomplish as a singer, and honestly assess the commitments you are willing to make.

Most choruses rely on financial contributions from the membership, some more than others. And, of course, you will need to find sufficient time and energy to learn the repertoire and be ready to perform.

Attend a concert if you can. Ask questions. The contact person for any ACC chorus is someone who is likely to be knowledgeable about the local choral scene and will help you find the chorus that is right for you.

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